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www.dholbeat.in was born in Winter 2011 in Sirsa, Haryana, India at my PC. In Just 3 Months, It was being count among Top Music Download Websites. In January 2012, Dholbeat achieved One million pageviews per month. At the same time, a wave of riots by Music companies and SOPA began to kill sites with pirated content. They were removing alleged material sites from Internet. SOPA was also threatening the entire cyber world. I stucked a Black Banner above my Site's Header to protest against this act, and the same day I lost Google Adsense account. Still I was being shown in all Top 5 Results for each and every Download query. A Newcomer Jay Status made debut in Punjabi Music Industry with DJ Sanj. He sent me notice to take his song Down. Song was "Dil Sada Katal Kare". I just ignored as usually i was doing with daily notices. In february, 2012, eventually Google remove it from search index. I was not the only to lose such a big site. Sites ranked under 10,000 were also removed and some file sharing hosting giants under rank 500 were also punished that time. I tried hard to get it back, but failed every time.

Now its time to say Good Bye to all Buddies.Buy Original, Dont Download Music and Dont Buy Pirated CDs. God Bless You All

Rajesh Kamboj,
Owner, Dholbeat
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